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Hunterston, North Ayrshire

Ref: 22/00133/PPPM 

Planning permission has been granted in principle for the erection of a high voltage cable manufacturing facility, including detailed planning permission for the construction of an extrusion tower with associated factories, research and testing laboratories, offices with associated stores, transport, access, parking and landscaping with on-site generation and electrical infrastructure and cable delivery system at the former coal terminal Hunterston, West Kilbride, Ayrshire. 

More details can be found at the Local Authority website

A public consultation took place at Fairlie Village Hall on 11th-12th May 2022. For full details, click here to read our notice.

Date PublishedDocument TypeDescriptionView
15 Mar 2022Consultation ResponseHse – onr responseDownload
14 Mar 2022Consultation ResponseFlooding response Download
01 Mar 2022Consultation ResponseWater responseDownload
25 Feb 2022BackGround PapersTrnpa1Download
Planning Application Pack
18 Feb 2022DrawingSite Location Plan 10KDownload
18 Feb 2022DrawingMasterplanDownload
18 Feb 2022DrawingParameters planDownload
18 Feb 2022DrawingParameters masterplan overlayDownload
18 Feb 2022DrawingSite sectionsDownload
18 Feb 2022ReportCover LetterDownload
18 Feb 2022ReportPlanning StatementDownload
18 Feb 2022ReportOutline Design ReportDownload
18 Feb 2022ReportTransport assessmentDownload
18 Feb 2022ReportPre-Application Consultation ReportDownload
18 Feb 2022NoticeApplication Notice letter to Peel PortsDownload
18 Feb 2022NoticeComplete NoticeDownload
Environmental Impact Assessment Report (Volume 1: Text)
18 Feb 2022EIANon-technical SummaryDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAReport Volume 1 – Main TextDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 1 – IntroductionDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 2 – Project DescriptionDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 3 – Need and AlternativesDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 4 – EIA MethodologyDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 5 – Ecology and Nature ConservationDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 6 – Historic EnvironmentDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 7 – Landscape and Visual EffectsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 8 – Hydrology and Flood RiskDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 9 – Hydrology, Geology and Ground ConditionsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 10 – Traffic and TransportDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 11 – Noise and VibrationDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 12 – Climate ChangeDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 13 – Air QualityDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAChapter 14 – Socio-economicsDownload
Environmental Statement (Volume 2: Figures)
18 Feb 2022EIAReport Volume 2 – FiguresDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA1.1 Site LocationDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA2.1a Parameters Plan (factory)Download
18 Feb 2022EIA2.1b Parameters Plan (jetty)Download
18 Feb 2022EIA2.2a Indicative Masterplan (factory)Download
18 Feb 2022EIA2.2b Indicative Masterplan (jetty)Download
18 Feb 2022EIA3.1 Iterations of the parameters planDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA4.1 Cumulative DevelopmentsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.1 Ecology Survey AreasDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.2 Designated Sites PlanDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.3 Phase 1 Habitat Survey PlanDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.4 Protected Species Survey ResultsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.5 Ornithological Designations within 20kmDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.6 Survey Area and Count SectorsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.7 Intertidal Survey Results by SpeciesDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA6.1 Designated Heritage Assets and the ZTV Download
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.1: Landscape Designations PlanDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.2: Zone of Theoretical Visibility and Viewpoint Locations (50km radius study area)Download
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.3: Zone of Theoretical Visibility and Viewpoint Locations (Site Context)Download
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.4: Landscape ContextDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.5: Landscape CharacterDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.6: National Coastal Character Areas (Seascape Character)Download
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.7: Regional Seascape Character AreasDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.8: Baseline Photography Viewpoints 1 to 29Download
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.9: Baseline Night time Photography Viewpoints 2, 12 and 23Download
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 7.10: Photomontages Viewpoints 1 to 29Download
18 Feb 2022EIA8.1 Hydrological ContextDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA10.1 Extent of study area and traffic data sourcesDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA10.2 Pedestrian isochrone plot from development accessDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA10.3 Cycle isochrone plot from development accessDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA10.4 Core paths in the vicinity of the siteDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA10.5 Personal injury accident (PIA) events between 2016 and 2020Download
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 11.1 Noise Sensitive ReceptorsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 11.2 Baseline Sound Monitoring LocationsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 11.3 Daytime Operational Noise ContourDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 11.4 Night-time Operational Noise ContourDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 13.1 Roads and Receptors ModelledDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAFigure 13.2 Construction Dust BufferDownload
Environmental Statement (Volume 3: Appendices)
18 Feb 2022EIAReport Volume 3 – Technical AppendicesDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA1.1 Requirements of EIA LegislationDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA1.2 Statement of Expertise Download
18 Feb 2022EIA2.1 CoCP
18 Feb 2022EIA2.2 Population and Health StatementDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA2.3 Lighting Impact ReportDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA4.1 Scoping ReportDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA4.2 Scoping OpinionDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA4.3 Scoping ResponsesDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA4.4 Cumulative DevelopmentsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA5.1 Ecology and Nature Conservation Technical Report – Part 1Download
18 Feb 2022EIA5.1 Ecology and Nature Conservation Technical Report – Part 2Download
18 Feb 2022EIA6.1: Heritage Desk Based Assessment Download
18 Feb 2022EIA8.1 Flood Risk Assessment and Conceptual Surface Water Drainage StrategyDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA9.1 Desk Top Study and Preliminary Risk AssessmentDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA10.1 Traffic Flow DiagramsDownload
18 Feb 2022EIA11.1 Noise Planning policy, legislation, standards and guidanceDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAAppendix 13.1 – Detailed Construction Dust Assessment MethodologyDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAAppendix 13.2 – Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling MethodologyDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAAppendix 13.3 – Sensitivity Test – Correction FactorDownload
18 Feb 2022EIAAppendix 13.4 – Sensitivity Test – Meteorological DataDownload

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