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XLCC will provide a number of different services that will help to provide the connectivity required for renewable power to meet future global energy needs. These include:

HVDC subsea extruded cable

As a new entrant to the market, XLCC will produce XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) coated HVDC subsea cable for use in interconnector projects, where electricity is moved between countries, and for export cables to bring power back to the shore from offshore wind farms. Cable testing and certification will take place in 2026 and 2027, with the first cable lengths being produced from 2028 ready for deployment to client projects.

Cable laying

XLCC is investing in a state-of-the-art Cable Laying Vessel (CLV). In addition to being one of the largest CLVs in the world, the new vessel has been designed to manage all aspects of cable handling – from protecting the quality and integrity of the cable during export from the factory, through to the installation location on the seabed. The CLV will have the capability to deploy the cables individually or in a bundled pair configuration.


Cable protection

XLCC will also provide clients with services that enhance the protection of the subsea cables on the seabed. Various techniques including high pressure trenching, mechanical cutting and rock placement can be provided shortly after the cable has been laid on the sea floor using a separate, dedicated vessel.

Cable Monitoring

XLCC will install a cable monitoring system in the bundled pair configuration of power cables. This will allow the health of the cable to be monitored in real time using both acoustic and temperature sensing. This sensing capability allows for intervention and fault prevention, thermal trends to be tracked over time, depth of burial status to be monitored and in worst case scenario, a fault location can be pinpointed to direct repairs to the precise location. Cable health can also be measured so remedial action can be taken when data received isoutside the expected norms. This maxmises the cable system availability for our clients on interconnector projects.

Cable repair

Subsea cables exist in an environment where access isn’t always easy and cable repairs can become necessary for multiple reasons including damage caused by ship anchors, fishing activity or environmental factors. XLCC will be capable of providing customers with cable repairs in the event of a cable failure or during periods of preventative maintenance.

XLCC HVDC subsea cable manufacturing

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